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Quick Facts
Degree Master of Arts (M.A.)
Language of Instruction English
Program Start October
Application Deadline March 31
Program Length 3 semesters – 18 months
Places Available 20
Tuition Fee 2,500 EUR/semester (scholarships available)

Dr. Anne Sommer

Office Hours during the semester break: by appointment

T: + 49 (0)6221 / 54 3713
F: + 49 (0)6221 / 54 3719



Orientation Week

The orientation week for new MAS students will take place from October 10 to 14, 2016.


We congratulate Robert Lee, graduate of the MAS class of 2007 and currently at the University of California, Berkeley, on winning the "Louis Pelzer Memorial Award for best essay in American history by a graduate student" of the Organization of American Historians. Lee receives the award for his essay "“Accounting for Conquest: The Price of the Louisiana Purchase of Indian Country.”

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M.A. in American Studies (MAS)

is a preeminent interdisciplinary program that attracts talented and ambitious graduate students from around the world.
The Program
offers exemplary and interdisciplinary teaching that provides students with in-depth cultural knowledge about the United States of America.
The Curriculum
includes a selection of courses from economics, geography, history, law, literature, musicology, philosophy, political science, religious studies, and sociology.
MAS Students
will benefit both from excellent academic teaching by internationally renowned scholars and from an interdisciplinary approach that meets the needs of future leaders.

Find out what our students say about the program and student life in Heidelberg  and take a look at what our past graduates are doing today!

is competitive and most candidates will have studied humanities, social sciences, or law at the undergraduate or graduate level. The program admits up to 30 students every year. Applicants from outside of the EU should have successfully completed degree programs involving a minimum of four years of study at recognized academic institutions.

We invite you to learn more about the program
and find out how you can apply!

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